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Design Your Own Perfect Body

Posted By: Jo Ann Chaus  | Saturday, February 3, 2018  | 10:00AM
Filed Under:  Fitness

Located in the Whole Foods Market shopping center at 890 River Road, Sean An, founder, has a unique exercise philosphy.  Since obtaining his degree and certification in physical training from NPTI in 2005, Sean has been dedicated to helping his clients achieve their health and fitness goal. Throughout his ten year career, Sean has spent countless hours with his clients in the top fitness centers in the area and continually kept up with the latest innovations in the industry. While working with his clients, Sean developed an exercise program specifically for women that is designed to maximize results while minimizing the amount of stress that can be out on the joints. Combining only the best of Isometric, Isotonic and Isokinetic exercise, Sean is confident his exercise programs can give his clients personal and individual satisfaction.  Highly recommended by Jo Ann Chaus.  Email him at, or call 201-943-1121 for an appointment